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Lotto Millionaire Takes a Holiday

Last Updated: Tuesday 22nd June 2010, 13:56

Scratchcard Maria Murray has never been abroad but after winning £1 million on a Lotto scratchcard at Christmas has decided to take her first foreign holiday. Now many people in her situation would have splashed out on a Caribbean break, think all inclusive with white sands but not Maria Murray, she is taking her family on a holiday to Turkey and staying in an £8 a night apartment. She’s even getting a £2 a night discount because her mum knows the owner.

Now you may remember the story of Maria Murray, she spent her last £5 on a £1 million scratchcard on Christmas Eve last year, despite not having money to buy her children Christmas presents. She made the front page of every national newspaper in the UK and came under a lot of criticism.

Maybe it’s this reason that Miss Murray is so adamant not to be “one of those people who win the lottery and blow the lot” in her own words “she wants to keep hold of her winnings for as long as possible.

That’s why she still works in her £5.73 an hour job making cups of teas and bacon butties at a cafe local to her home. She loves the fact that she can take a holiday whenever she wants one but doesn’t intend on going anywhere expensive, now or in the future.

Her biggest purchase has been to buy her three bed council house in Shirehampton, Bristol for £90,000 she has lived there for the past seventeen years and the purchase shows how frugal she has been with her win.

Given the recent stories about unhappy lottery winners who have lost the lot, who can blame Miss Murray for being careful with her lottery win.

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