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Lotto Numbers Predicted

Last Updated: Wednesday 12th September 2018, 12:07

As promised earlier in the week Derren Brown correctly predicted last nights Lotto numbers live on Channel 4. He’d set up the show earlier in the week to show how he could predict the lotto numbers as the draw was taking place and at the draw time last night he did exactly that on his new television show. The well-known illusionist baffled the viewing public as he wrote  down the six winning lottery numbers as the draw was being held and then showed how he had matched the lot.

The trick, or illusion took place at exactly the same time as the lotto show on Wednesday evening in a live show, shown on every Channel 4 station. Derren Brown said in the show he had written down the lotto results on ping pong balls and stood them facing away from the audience on a stand.

As the live show began Mr Brown, illusionist wrote down the actual numbers and results as they were drawn, then spinning around his stand holding his own lotto results he showed that he had in fact predicted every winning number.

There is to be a show this evening on Channel 4 where Derren Brown has promised to show how he predicted the lotto results but whether anyone will be able to predict the numbers and have the winning ticket is yet to be seen.

The magical world is assuming it is some kind of illusion, yet no one seems to know how he did it. There appeared to be no sleight of hand and the live show run at the same time as the National Lottery draw show.

Whatever it was Derren clearly didn’t have a ticket himself as no ticketholders matched all the winning numbers and it’s a rollover boosting the jackpot for Saturdays draw. Make sure you buy your lottery tickets for that one and see if you can predict the numbers.

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