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Lotto Plus 5 results reminder

Last Updated: Tuesday 12th April 2011, 09:59 am

In the vein of the current theme of the week, which seems to be lost lottery tickets, we’re announcing a Lotto Plus 5 results reminder, given the fact that there are already two big unclaimed prizes from the draw. The new draw has only been running a few weeks, yet it seems a few players are ticking the ‘Plus 5’ box but not actually checking to see if the lottery tickets are winners.

The National Lottery are currently having a purge on unclaimed lottery winners and are urging everyone to check down the back of the sofa, or anywhere else there may be lost lottery tickets. Currently, there are over £8 million in unclaimed prizes waiting with the National Lottery, and two of these lottery tickets are from the brand new Lotto Plus 5 draw.

Bizarrely, both lottery tickets are from the same Lotto Plus 5 draw, held on Friday March 11th when the winning numbers in the Plus 5 draw were 4 – 16 – 17 – 22 – 23 – 49. Two players matched all six numbers in the draw and each wins the jackpot of £250,000, if of course they come forward to claim.

One of the lottery tickets was sold in the Slough area of the UK, the other in the Borough of Doncaster so if you buy Lotto Plus 5 tickets in either of these areas, and the lottery numbers above are your regular lottery numbers then you need to find that lottery ticket now!

In fact, wherever you are in the UK, do make sure you check your lottery results after every draw, or you could miss out on a life-changing lottery win.

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