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Lotto rollover for Saturday

Last Updated: Thursday 25th November 2010, 09:59

Need something to look forward to at the weekend? Well last night’s National Lottery draw has provided just that with a rollover jackpot for Saturday night. Some fairly ordinary numbers have thrown up this extraordinary lottery result, which saw very few winners picking up big lower tier prizes, as the jackpot rolls over for Saturday night. That means on Saturday evening, there’ll be an estimated £7.6 million to play for, if you buy lottery tickets for the rollover draw.

Taking a look at last night’s draw however, and you can see that while the numbers may not have appeared to be unusual, few players managed to match those elusive numbers. So few in fact that even the match 4 prize, usually less than £40 for a Wednesday was a massive £109 and prizes right up through the tiers exceeded estimate.

Players matching five balls in last night’s Lotto draw collect £3,552, around three times the usual amount for a Wednesday draw and players winning the second tier prize (five and the bonus) collect over £175,000!

So while last night’s Lotto draw may not have produced a great deal of winners, the ones that were lucky got very lucky indeed.

All this lottery news, means that this weekend UK lottery players have some huge jackpots to play for. Tomorrow evening there’s a £38 million double Euromillions rollover to play for and then on Saturday evening, there’s this £7.6 million Lotto rollover to buy lottery tickets for. Good luck and don’t forget to check back for all the lottery results!

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