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Lotto win for the Dingles

Last Updated: Wednesday 10th November 2010, 10:18

A few months ago we heard rumours that a Euromillions winning family, originally from a council estate were to move to Emmerdale and shake-up the neighbourhood, buying a stately home. Although Emmerdale denied the storyline, we brought you the lottery news story about the rumour. However, today Emmerdale have confirmed a lottery win for the Dingle family, all to be played out in a DVD special.

The lottery story was confirmed on the BBC breakfast show today where some of the stars took part in an interview and clips from the upcoming DVD Dingles For Richer, For Poorer were shown.

The family are to win a £50 million lottery jackpot in the feature DVD and the story then follows the family’s experience of what life may be like if they had really won a £50 million lottery jackpot.

There are two versions of the lottery story, in the first the Dingle family are shown to be living the high-life with hot-tubs and fancy hotels, but yet it’s shown that the money doesn’t necessarily make them happy. In the second DVD version, the lottery win is a joke, concocted by one family member, but it doesn’t stop the rest of the family spending money they don’t have.

While the rumours we brought you of an Emmerdale Euromillions winner weren’t quite on the money, we’re pleased to see our sources weren’t too far off.

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