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Lotto win makes you happier

Last Updated: Thursday 7th July 2011, 16:03

National Lottery It seems like a bit of a non story really, something so obvious you wouldn’t need a survey to tell you the answer but nevertheless a Mori poll of UK Lotto winners has shown that a lotto win makes you happier. Personally we aren’t at all surprised at this news, of course becoming an instant millionaire makes you happier, who wouldn’t be happy at the thought of lifelong financial security?

It’s not just happy either, the poll into UK Lottery winners conducted by Mori also shows that there are many more positive effects of a big lottery win. Twenty percent of big lottery winners said that felt younger, another twenty-seven percent lose weight and unsurprisingly a massive ninety eight percent of lottery winners felt happier than they had before they hit the jackpot.

Also unsurprisingly it’s not just the lottery winners who reap the benefits when their lucky lottery ticket strikes gold either because new lottery millionaires also share their good fortune around. Ninety eight percent of lottery winners give money to their families, sixty eight percent make sure their friends are provided for and seventy seven percent give money to charity.

So of the money they don’t give away, what do lottery winners spend their lucky lottery wins on? Well the top ten purchases of new lottery winners include new homes, car, holiday homes and caravans.

It’s official, not that we didn’t already know, a lottery win makes you happier. Now there’s a surprise! So keep buying those lottery tickets and see if you can be the next happy millionaire!

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