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Lotto winner back on the dole

Last Updated: Wednesday 10th February 2010, 08:23

Think back to 2002 when lotto winner Michael Carroll turned up to collect his £9.7 million cheque wearing an electronic tag. The whole country was in uproar as this self styled chav walked away with one of the biggest prize ever seen at the time. It seems a fool and his money are easily parted however as the lotto winner is now back on the dole after squandering the whole lot in eight years.

Michael Carroll made the news for all the wrong reasons when he won the UK Lotto back in 2002. The serial offender had just been released from prison and was wearing his electronic tag when he collected his lottery cheque.

Over the last eight years he has blown his fortune on loose women, expensive drugs and a hedonistic lifestyle and is back on the dole. Despite this he claims he is just as happy with his £45 a week jobseekers allowance and although he loved living the high-life, he insists he has no regrets and would do the same over again.

If he didn’t want to change his life then it’s hard to know why he bothered to buy lotto tickets in the first place. I guess we have to be happy that the cash at least has been redistributed into the community, or the hands of pimps and drug dealers at least.

If you could think of better ways to spend millions of pounds then grab your lottery tickets now for tonight’s UK Lotto draw, the jackpot is worth £2.4 million and if you don’t blow a million a year on drugs it might just make that life-change you’ve been looking for.

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