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Lotto winner on the bins

Last Updated: Wednesday 26th May 2010, 08:03

A UK Lotto winner who blew his winnings and was branded a yob has said he wants to go back to his job on the bins and forget the whole thing ever happened. Mikey Carroll is well known in the British press for winning £9.7 million on the UK Lotto and blowing his fortune, earning him the title ‘King of Chavs’. Now he has come forward to say he has reapplied for the £200 a week job he quit after winning the lottery.

Tattooed and jobless, Mikey Carroll scooped a massive £9.7 million on the UK Lotto eight years ago. No one could forget the way he soon hit the press for drug taking and anti social behaviour. In fact, after just a short while Carroll had blown the entire fortune, and found himself in jail for nine months.

The dad of two says he’s not ashamed at his job application, or in fact his modest life with his girlfriend Gemma and their two children. He hopes to find out in a few weeks whether he has got the job or not but the lottery winner insists he is happy.

He says he doesn’t have the high-life he used to but it doesn’t matter as he’s happier now. I wonder if he still buys lottery tickets?

In other news tonight’s UK Lotto jackpot is worth an estimated £2.5 million and then on Friday evening is the £13 million Euromillions Lottery jackpot. Let’s hope the winners spend wisely, unlike Mikey Carroll.

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