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Lucky Lotto names

Last Updated: Monday 19th April 2010, 00:44 am

Lucky Lottery Names We love the fact that the National Lottery often does fun surveys on lucky lottery statistics. These have varied from lucky towns to lucky house numbers but now they have even compiled a list of lucky lotto names and if you’re called either John or Margaret then make sure you buy lottery tickets this week!

That’s because John and Margaret are the luckiest UK Lotto players according to research by the National Lottery this week. All players who have opted for publicity and won over £50,000 are included in the statistics and the list reveals the ten luckiest men and women’s names across the UK.

If you’re a man then you better hope you’re called one of these lucky names which are:

  1. John
  2. David
  3. Michael
  4. Peter
  5. Robert
  6. James
  7. Paul
  8. William
  9. Stephen

And if you’re a lady then here are the ten luckiest ladies names:

  1. Margaret
  2. Susan
  3. Pat
  4. Mary
  5. Christine
  6. Elizabeth
  7. Jean
  8. Janet
  9. Linda
  10. Karen

It’s a great excuse to buy lottery tickets for the next draw, especially if your name comes out top of the list.

Of course these statistics are just for fun and while these names might be lucky, the odds of winning are the same for everyone who plays. Popular names are always going to get thrown up in the list so they are strictly just for fun.

Personally I think it’s all a fib, but that may just be because my own name doesn’t appear in the list.

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