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Lucky numbers for 8 National Lottery winners

Last Updated: Friday 27th November 2009, 10:38 am

Lottery Split The lucky numbers for 8 National Lottery winners from Wednesdays draw were all under the number 30 which proves that anniversaries, birthdays and other special dates can prove to be lucky when picking your numbers for a UK Lotto draw. Or is it unlucky? After all when checking your lottery numbers and seeing all six have been drawn aren’t you expecting to then be a millionaire?

For the 8 winners on Wednesday 25th November, each fell short of the million pound mark by £149,187.

Does it make more sense then to choose a mixture of numbers when you play the National Lottery, three numbers under 31 and three above if you want to make it to millionaire status.  It would certainly appear to be the case for Wednesday’s UK Lotto draw but even £850,513 is quite a tidy sum for the 8 winners.

Other winners from this weeks midweek draw also saw a drop in prize money with 5+ the bonus ball only taking home £22,726 when on average, a normal National Lottery draw, would have netted them about £100,000. Five numbers took home just £315 this week, a win usual banks about £1,000. Four numbers took home just £19 and of course, three numbers took home the static prize of £10.

If it were your numbers that had come up on this week’s mid week UK Lotto draw, would you have been a little bit disappointed with the amount these National Lottery winners are taking to the bank? After all, the chances of winning the lottery more than once are miniscule!  

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