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Modest dreams for Lottery winners

Last Updated: Thursday 25th March 2010, 11:49

I guess it’s a glass half full or half empty moment if you were one of the jackpot winners on last night’s UK Lotto draw. Four winners shared the £2.2 million jackpot so any dreams they might have had about big houses in the country and many foreign holidays might have needed to be put on hold once the results was released.

Four winners means that each winner takes home a £555,879 share of the £2,223,516 UK Lotto jackpot. Not even a million and only a little more than the new Thunderball jackpot starting in a few weeks.

The result seems to be starting a trend for the UK Lotto, in recent weeks we have seen many multiple winners and many winners not even picking up £1 million when winning the jackpot.

A win is a win and I’m sure not one of us would sniff at winning a smaller lottery jackpot, but when you consider that the record UK Lotto jackpot is £42 million won in 1996 it seems inconceivable that the jackpot could get that high lately.

It’s little wonder that lottery players are flocking to buy lotto tickets for the Euromillions Lottery, it seems to be the one to watch right now as this Friday’s Euromillions jackpot is a staggering £40 million, an amount which makes the £4 million UK Lotto jackpot pale into insignificance.

You can buy lotto tickets online for both the UK Lotto and Euromillions Lottery draw and don’t forget to check back regularly on these pages for all the lotto results and winners news.

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