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National Lottery Lucky Jobs

Last Updated: Saturday 6th February 2010, 11:00

Camelot have released a National Lottery lucky jobs list, showing which professions are most likely to strike it rich on the UK Lotto. Topping the bill is builders making them the luckiest profession of all lottery players in the UK. Here's the rest of the lucky professions, see if you make the National Lottery lucky jobs list.

That’s right, builders have scooped more prizes worth £50,000 or more than any other profession in the UK making that the luckiest job in the UK since 1994!

Next up is secretarial and clerical staff, followed by managers – such as the six BT managers who scooped half of the £91 million Euromillions jackpot a couple of months ago – then comes machine operators and factory workers.

Following closely behind those lucky professions were drivers, cabbies and truckers came next in the list and that was followed by catering staff, retail workers, finance employees, care workers and people in the medical profession.

It’s a fascinating insight into lucky professions in the UK although it is worth remembering that these figures maybe be slightly distorted. That’s because only big winners who opted for publicity are included in the list, and that means if one profession is less likely to opt for publicity then they make not make it into the list, even if they are lucky.

Whether you’re a builder or a nurse, a scientist or a barman you can guarantee that the luck is still shared around equally enough to give you a chance of being the next big UK Lotto winner, so why not buy lotto tickets for tonight’s draw and see if you can be the next big lucky profession, and the next big UK Lotto winner.

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