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National Lottery to be reformed

Last Updated: Saturday 16th October 2010, 11:14

Since the new government came to power a few months ago, everyone has been wondering about the effect it will have on the National Lottery and good causes. Well, the wait is no more, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced today that the National Lottery is to be reformed, a move which is to bring in an extra £50 million each to the arts, sports and heritage. Money for good causes has always been an integral part of the National Lottery but these new moves should see even more money go to charity.

Since the National Lottery launched in 1994, £25 billion has been raised for good causes around the UK, but Jeremy Hunt believes that the original objectives, to raise money for arts and heritage have been lost along the way. This is why Mr Hunt, believes he is redressing the balance with these National Lottery reforms, which will ensure that all the original ‘good causes’ get what they were promised in 1994.

Originally, organisations such as the Arts, Heritage and Sport were receiving 20% of the National Lottery fund but over the years this has changed. Now Jeremy Hunt is to put things back to how they were and guide the National Lottery back to it’s original purpose.

Mr Hunt has also promised that once the Olympic money is paid by 2012, that the National Lottery will be working its way to creating a ‘Big Society’ helped along by cash from the National Lottery, good causes fund.

Of course, none of this is to be worried about, keep buying lottery tickets as normal and be assured that you are helping many good causes along the way.

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