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National Lottery scratchcard error

Last Updated: Tuesday 22nd June 2010, 13:56

Scratchcard Sometimes you read a story in the press and think "that would make a good film", you know the kind of story where some random act changes your life forever, when that big blue finger of fate does not just point to you but bashes you round the head several times. Today we want to share such a story with you, the story about how a National Lottery scratchcard error made a millionaire.

Audrey White who is 58, a mother of three from Suffolk ironically works in a bingo hall. One day she was out shopping and decided she fancied a bit of a gamble so queued up at her local supermarket to buy herself a National Lottery a £2 scratchcard. Unfortunately the shop assistant misheard her and pulled out a £5 ticket instead of the £2 one she requested; a mistake that has changed her life forever.

Because Mrs White had earlier in the day won £5 on another of the National Lottery scratchcards she decided not to mention the mistake to the shop assistant and played the card she had been given and nearly died of shock when she realised she had won a whopping £1 million.

Just three years ago Mrs White was on the verge of losing her home but now plans to pay off her mortgage and add a gorgeous new conservatory. Even though she now has a private bank account in Mayfair and her own personal banker she still catches the bus every day to her job at Palace bingo hall in Felixstowe and has no plans on giving it up.

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