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National Lottery tickets as gifts

Last Updated: Thursday 17th June 2010, 16:35

Birthday Bonus When it comes to buying a gift for the person who you feel has everything, where do you go for ideas? There have been occasions where you may be tempted to give National Lottery tickets as gifts and whilst this is a superb idea, always remember that anyone you are passing the tickets to does have to be over the age of 16.

Imagine giving a National Lottery ticket to someone under the legal age to purchase Lotto tickets, them winning and then not being able to claim the jackpot.

Another consideration to make is how you would feel should the person you gifted the National Lottery ticket actually win? Whilst we would all like to believe that we aren’t shallow enough to try and claim the money ourselves, hand on heart, could you really say that a million pound (or more) win on the UK Lotto wouldn’t change how you felt about the gift.

Giving National Lottery tickets as gifts is a great idea if it is completely understood, that once you have handed the ticket to your chosen recipient, that any winnings derived from that ticket belong to them, and them alone. If they choose not to give you any of the winnings, then that is their prerogative, a gift is a gift.

With rifts forming in a many families with unshared prizes be it from the National Lottery or even bingo, consider the move to give National Lottery tickets as gifts fully before doing so.

A great idea in principal but consider all possible outcomes.

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