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New Jersey MegaMillions

Last Updated: Monday 21st June 2010, 14:52

MegaMillions A MegaMillions jackpot worth $126,000,000 was won by a single ticket in the draw of Tuesday 22 July, 2008. The winner of America’s popular multi-state lottery has not yet been named, but we do know that they bought their ticket from AJ Seabra Supermarkets XII in Essex County, New Jersey.

William Jourdain, who is Acting Executive Director of the New Jersey Lottery, said: “Congratulations to AJ Seabra Supermarkets XII of Essex County. For selling this top-prize Mega Millions ticket, they will receive a $10,000 bonus. AJ Seabra Supermarkets XII has become one of the Lottery’s most recent ‘lucky locations’ overnight.”

MegaMillions required players to select 5 main numbers from the range 1 to 56 and 1 Mega Ball number from the range 1 to 46. The odds of winning a MegaMillions jackpot, which can only be achieved by matching all of the selected numbers, are just 1 in 175,711,536. Once the jackpot is won, it is reset to a base value of $12 million.

The latest MegaMillions winner will have the option of taking the prize as a cash lump sum or as a series of annual payments. If they opt for the lump sum they would get around $75.5 million (around $56.5 million after the deduction of federal taxes). If they opt for the annuity they will receive around $4.8 million per year for 26 years.

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