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New Lottery World Record

Last Updated: Monday 11th May 2009, 10:51 am

Euromillions Update: We can confirm that a 25 year old woman from Majorca in Spain has come forward to claim her €126 million EuroMillions jackpot. The woman didn’t find out about her record-breaking win for three days because she was ill in bed with the flu.

When she finally forced herself to go to work for fear of losing her job, she discovered that she was suddenly one of the richest women in Europe – not a bad way to bounce back from an illness!

The winner had purchased her EuroMillions lottery entry online, so if there was ever any doubt that those who play EuroMillions online have just as much chance of winning as anyone else, the new lottery world record holder has settled the matter once and for all!

A new lottery world record was set on Friday 8 May, 2009 when a single ticket bought in Spain scooped just over £113 million in the EuroMillions game. The ticket matched five main numbers and both Lucky Star numbers (beating odds of 1 in 76,275,360!) to become the biggest ever lottery prize winner.

Larger EuroMillions jackpots have previously been won, but not by a single ticket holder. The biggest individual lottery win in the world was worth £81 and was won by a Superenalotto player in Italy in October, 2008. The biggest EuroMillions win by a single player was achieved by Dolores McNamara of Eire when she won £77 million in July, 2005.

This latest EuroMillions win of £113,229,891 (or around €126 million if your prefer Euros) obliterates both of those previous records, and we think that it will stand for some time!

The only reason that the EuroMillions jackpot recently managed to get to as big as it did was because the jackpot had rolled over six times in a row. A double rollover or even a triple rollover is a fairly common occurrence in big lottery games like EuroMillions (because the odds of getting the right lottery results are so challenging) but a six time rollover is a lot rarer.

When such a huge multi-rollover jackpot is won by a single ticket holder it really drives home the fact that lottery games are really the only way on the planet for most people to stand a chance of becoming incredibly wealthy overnight. Although you could win a million or two playing the football pools or hitting a progressive slot machine jackpot, if you want to win €15 million or more you would be hard pressed to find anything apart from a big lottery like EuroMillions that can make it happen.

Now that the lucky player in Spain has won £113 million, the rest of the lottery playing population will be even more keen to buy lotto tickets online so that they too can give themselves the chance to win big money. The odds, as we mentioned a moment ago, are slim. But the fact that the player in Spain has done just that and got themselves into the record books at the same time proves not only that it can be done, but that it can be done in terrific style.

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