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New Thunderball tickets on sale

Last Updated: Monday 10th May 2010, 10:11

Lottery tickets for the brand new Thunderball draw are now on sale, after weeks of waiting. Everything’s changing, including an extra draw and a bigger jackpot, in fact the only thing not changing is the price, that stays at just £1! Here are all the details about the new Thunderball and why it’s just become very good value for money.

Tickets for the new Thunderball draw went on sale yesterday and the first new draw will take place on Wednesday. The first bit of good news we have for you is that the Thunderball jackpot is doubling in size! From hereon in, when you play the Thunderball from the National Lottery you’ll be playing for a £500,000 jackpot!

The jackpot isn’t the only thing to change though, there are lots of changes coming into play, making the Thunderball a much more appealing draw than ever before.

Thunderball are adding one more weekly draw on a Friday evening, giving you even more chances to win. That means the Thunderball will now be held three times weekly on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening.

The number pool is also changing for the new Thunderball, now when choosing numbers you will be selecting five balls from a pool of 39 and one lucky Thunderball between 1 and 14 and now, if you only match the Thunderball, you’ll receive a £3 bonus prize, increasing the prize tier to eight divisions!

But best of all, tickets are still just £1 for the Thunderball so why not buy lottery tickets now and see if you can get your hands on the cool half million jackpot?

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