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Norwegian Family Wins Lottery Three Times

Last Updated: Tuesday 17th December 2019, 14:23

Norwegian LottoA family in Norway definitely has luck on their side as they have hit the jackpot not once but an impressive three times. Over the course of seven years three members of this very lucky family have won the jackpot in the country’s national lottery game three times which have all coincided with the birth of a baby. The Oksnes family jackpot winnings now total just over £2.6 million after the father, sister and brother all won the jackpot in the Norwegian Norsk Tipping Lotto.

The first jackpot win for this family happened back in 2005 when Leif, the 58 year old father won £441,000, the lowest amount of all the family winners. The next win then happened when the sister Hege Jeanette won £882,000 in 2010.

Then the latest jackpot winner in the family was the 19 year old son Tord Oksnes who scooped the highest amount of all the winners an impressive £1.3 million (12.2m Norwegian krone) in last week’s Norwegian national lottery draw.

All of these lottery jackpot wins happened when the sister, Hege Jeanette who was one of the family’s jackpot winners, was either just about to give birth or had just given birth, so it will be interesting to see if the sister has any more children whether they will win the jackpot again for the fourth time!

With every lottery win this family didn’t pick their lottery numbers based on calendar events such as children’s birthdays just simply let the machine randomly select their numbers for them. It isn’t very often you see the jackpot being won three times in one family – may be the Okenes just have luck on their side!

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