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One Lottery Player scoops the lot

Last Updated: Thursday 10th March 2011, 10:07 am

Well after three draws without a winner, the UK Lotto jackpot had hit £17.7 million, a high for the Lotto. It was the first triple Lotto rollover of 2011, but there were several last year, however unlike many of those which were shared, one lottery player scoops the lot after last night’s draw, walking away with a cool £17,799,986. We reckon he’ll be popular in the pub this week!

If you had tickets for the triple rollover draw, then check the winning numbers now on our lottery results page to see if you were one of the lucky winners. The jackpot, as reported hit £17.7 million, but with a total of £26.7 million, tax-free, paid out to prize winners, there were plenty of winners big and small in the draw.

With high ticket sales, and just seven players matching the second division prize, matching five and the bonus paid an exceptionally large £205,496. Even players who matched just five main balls collected £2,293! In fact, last night’s UK Lotto rollover was so rich that even matching four balls will pay for a nice meal for two, at £83!

If you missed out completely, don’t worry, it’s just one more day now until the Quadruple Euromillions rollover. That draw has an estimated £68 million up for grabs, continuing the lottery fever that is sweeping the UK right now! If you want a chance at the jackpot, you must buy lottery tickets now, as this Euromillions jackpot even puts the UK Lotto triple rollover in the shade.

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