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One unclaimed Lottery prize for October

Last Updated: Tuesday 5th October 2010, 10:28

Unclaimed lottery prizes have been heavy on the ground during the last few months with even a £1.5 million jackpot going to the National Lottery good causes fund. This October, there is just one single unclaimed lottery prize and it doesn’t expire for three weeks yet. That should give the player plenty of time to find the lost lottery ticket and hopefully claim this substantial Euromillions prize.

The unclaimed lottery prize in question was sold in the London Borough of Lambeth for the Euromillions draw held on 30th April 2009. Do you remember where you were on that day? Because if you do you may be the winner of a match five Euromillions prize worth £61,921!

If you bought lottery tickets for that Euromillions draw then it’s almost certainly time to have a spring clean. Where would that winning lottery ticket be? Maybe in a long forgotten spring coat, let’s hope you wear it again before the end of October. Or maybe it’s been pushed to the back of a draw somewhere. Wherever the lost lottery ticket is, if you buy lottery tickets in the London Borough of Lambeth then the search is on!

It must be the worse feeling in the world to realise you have missed out on a big lottery prize in this way and that’s why we recommend you buy your lottery tickets online. It’s quick, simple and safe and can be done in just a couple of clicks and it’s the best way of ensuring you never lose your winning lottery ticket!

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