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One week for the new Thunderball

Last Updated: Monday 3rd May 2010, 00:03

There’s just one more week to wait for the new improved Thunderball draw from the UK Lotto as tickets for the new draw go on sale next Sunday. There are several changes being made to the popular draw including a £500,000 jackpot, that’s double the current jackpot! There’s also to be an extra draw, plus bonus prizes for matching the Thunderball.

You’ll see changes around your lottery retailers over the next few days with point of sale packages arriving in shops. Then from Sunday May 9th lottery tickets for the new Thunderball draw will be on sale, an advertising campaign on both the radio and television is scheduled to run from May 9th to May 14th.

The biggest change is the doubling of the jackpot, pushing it up to £500,000. This is a considerable amount, especially when you consider how much some of the shared jackpots have been on the UK Lotto recently.

The new Thunderball is also going three times weekly, with draws now to take place on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. New balls are being introduced and there will be a £3 bonus prize for anyone only matching the Thunderball.

Lottery tickets for the new draw will be available to buy from May 9th with the first Thunderball Lottery draw taking place on May 12th.

That makes it less than one week to the new Thunderball so look out for the new draw from Sunday and you could be the first big Thunderball Lottery winner.

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