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Only a fool would miss this Lotto prize

Last Updated: Thursday 1st April 2010, 11:53

It’s April Fools day but there’s no tricks to be played by the National Lottery, there is however one UK Lotto prize that will expire at 5pm today if it isn’t claimed and only a fool would miss this Lotto prize of £149,559! The unclaimed ticket matched five main balls and the bonus in the 3rd October UK Lotto draw and today is the last chance for the winner to claim.

This is just one of the many unclaimed lottery prizes in the UK Lotto and one of two to expire this month. This is the one we’ll be concentrating on today however, as the winner only has until 5pm today to claim.

If you bought a ticket for the October 3rd UK Lotto draw and it has five of the main balls 14 – 21 – 23 – 32 – 36 – 46 on it and the bonus 17 then don’t delay and don’t be an April Fool, call the National Lottery helpline and claim that prize immediately.

If this £149,559 isn’t claimed by 5pm today then the whole prize, plus any interest it has accrued will be added to the fund for good causes and the winning will have missed out on this life-changing amount of cash for good.

The lottery ticket was sold in the County Tyrone area, so if you may have bought a ticket in that area it’s time to get looking now, for that little piece of paper that might be worth a massive amount of cash.

By buying lottery tickets online, you don’t ever have to worry about losing another lottery ticket, simply purchase your lottery tickets online and they’ll be kept safe, you’ll even be sent an email if you are a lucky winner.

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