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One player scoops Euromillions double rollover

Last Updated: Saturday 27th November 2010, 11:20

Last night’s Euromillions draw was so exciting! A £38 million jackpot meant players flocked in their droves to buy lottery tickets and who can blame them. However, from all the tickets sold, just one player scoops the Euromillions double rollover, collecting £38,556,253, tax-free! Unfortunately, this big Euromillions winner was not from the UK, although it’s not yet known which of the nine Euromillions participating countries the lottery winner is from.

The biggest UK winner in the Euromillions draw was the Millionaire Raffle winner, collecting £1 million for correctly matching the raffle number. Another two players matched five numbers and a lucky star, a second tier prize that paid out exceptionally well with the winners collecting over £300,000.

Including the Millionaire Raffle prize, there was just over £5 million paid out, to UK Lottery players alone after last night’s draw. Not a bad haul, even if the jackpot did go to an overseas player.

Tonight it’s the turn of the UK Lotto and as that is an exclusive UK draw, you don’t have to worry that the jackpot will end up across Europe. That jackpot, is also a rollover after no players matched all the winning numbers in the midweek lottery draw. There’s an estimated £6.7 million available in tonight’s draw, which isn’t quite as high as last night’s Euromillions but it’s certainly not to be sniffed at. Buy lottery tickets now for the draw, but don’t forget to check back for the lottery results later.

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