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Players Demand More!

Last Updated: Tuesday 7th November 2006, 13:35 pm

A pan-European study conducted by The National Lottery has revealed that many EU citizens think they would need £25 million or more in order to feel genuinely rich. The study, which questioned 4,500 people from eight countries, offers a surprisingly candid glimpse into the mindset of lottery players across the continent, and reveals that the traditional goal of "becoming a millionaire" just doesn't seem to impress people any more.

Portugal is the most demanding of the nations which participated in the study. A whopping 70% of people there said that they would need to have £25 million or more before they considered themselves to be extremely rich (56% said it would take a £100 million fortune to do the job!) Spain came second in the list with 45% saying they would need more than £25 million, and Switzerland (35%), Austria (37%) and Ireland (26%) followed close behind.

The UK came sixth in the list, with 24% of Brits saying that they would need £25 million or more to feel extremely rich. 17% of UK respondents said they would need at least £100 million to feel the same way. Belgium and France were the least demanding of the eight participating countries, with only 22% and 21% of citizens requiring more than £25 million.

The biggest winner of the UK National Lottery pocketed over £20 million, but with such high demands it looks like those who aspire to be extremely rich need to focus on lotteries offering even greater sums. Fortunately, Europeans don't have to look very far to find a lottery that fits the bill - Euromillions is one of the biggest lotteries in the world, and is currently on track to pay out a jackpot of almost €152 million on Friday 10 November. It's not the kind of money that would threaten Bill Gates, but it's a great start, and should be enough to satiate the most demanding of Europe's aspiring multi-millionaires!

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