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Psychic wins lottery and sees it happen

Last Updated: Thursday 6th January 2011, 08:24 am

Lottery BallWell it’s the age-old joke, why don’t psychics win the lottery? But one just has won a £1 million Euromillions Millionaire Raffle prize, and what’s more she says she predicted the lottery win a few months ago. Ocean Kinge says she picks up energies through psychometry, the practice of holding something to take its energy. She claims that a few months ago she “got a feeling in her bones” about winning the lottery and so set up a Euromillions Lottery syndicate.

Now lottery syndicates are probably the best way you have of increasing your chances of winning a lottery prize, so if you get a feeling in your bones, then this may be the perfect time to ‘make fate happen’ so to speak and increase your playing power by playing as a lottery syndicate.

She said that she had a really strong feeling that her lottery syndicate would win big before the end of the year, even stating that it would be a £1 million prize she won. As it happens, the lottery syndicate she is part of, won big on Christmas Eve and scooped one of the £1 million Millionaire SuperRaffle prizes. When asked by the press why she had set up a syndicate, and not just played alone, Mrs Kinge says she just felt it had to be a syndicate to win the prize and make the prediction come true.

Whether you believe Ocean Kinge or not, it’s sure to be good for business and the lottery syndicate she is part of is now in receipt of £1 million, psychic or not, I’m guessing the members were glad to be included now that this winning lottery ticket has come up.

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