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Ready for the Triple Lotto Rollover

Last Updated: Wednesday 9th March 2011, 11:44 am

It’s Wednesday, the day of the week where things have improved from Monday but still too far from the weekend. However, the weekend could come early for someone tonight as it’s a UK Lotto triple rollover draw! There’s a staggering jackpot of £17.8 million up for grabs and it’s now just a few hours until the draw, so are you ready for the triple Lotto rollover?

It’s the biggest jackpot of the year so far and it’s Wednesday so the draw is this evening. However, unlike previous triple Lotto rollovers, this one does not have to be won tonight. National Lottery rules previously stated that if the UK Lotto got to the triple rollover stage then the jackpot had to be won, rolling down to players who match 5 and the bonus if a winner cannot be found. However, a change in lottery rules last year means now that the UK Lotto can roll over one more time!

So this jackpot has the potential to roll one more time, that’s assuming of course it isn’t won this evening. High ticket sales have been reported and players right across the UK will be trying their hand at securing this huge lottery jackpot and becoming the biggest lottery winners of 2011.

If you haven’t yet bought your lottery tickets for the draw, then it really is now your last chance to do so, and don’t forget to check back later on our lottery results page for all the winning lottery numbers and news on the draw!

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