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Reasons to play the double Lotto rollover online

Last Updated: Wednesday 4th August 2010, 10:54

We can’t advocate highly enough the benefits of playing the National Lottery online and if our advice isn’t good enough then we have five good reasons to play tonight’s double Lotto rollover online in the form of five unclaimed lottery prizes that will expire this August if not claimed. Unclaimed lottery prizes go into the fund for good causes and while the whole country is buying lottery tickets for tonight’s £10 million rollover, five of those players may be sitting on a fortune and not even know it.

Each of the unclaimed lottery prizes that will expire this August are second tier prizes where players have matched five main balls and the bonus. The prizes range between £60,000 and £117,000 and would mean life-changing wins if the ticketholders came forward.

Now the simple way to avoid ever having an unclaimed lottery ticket is to buy your lottery tickets online. Sign up for an account with the National Lottery and you’ll never have to worry about losing a lottery ticket. All tickets are kept safe online, you can play the same numbers week on week, once you are signed up you can play each draw with just a couple of clicks and if you win, the National Lottery will send you an email to let you know!

Armed with this information, and the fear of losing a big lottery prize to good causes, buy your lottery tickets for the £10 million double rollover draw online and you won’t have to worry about a thing!

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