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SAS Soldier Reportedly Scoops Lotto Millionaire Raffle Prize

Last Updated: Friday 18th March 2016, 09:53 am

An SAS soldier is said to be £1 million richer after banking the top prize in Lotto Millionaire Raffle before Christmas. The fighter, who is in his 30s and has reportedly battled Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, has opted to remain in the British Army’s special forces unit rather than retire and enjoy his win, a source told The Sun.

As the news emerged this week, the army source reported to the newspaper, “He loves his job so much he wants to stay in...It is amazing but life has gone on as normal for him...He will have the rest of his life to enjoy his money when his army career is done.”

The Sun claims the soldier is the National Lottery’s most top-secret winner ever, with the covert nature of the SAS’s operations leading him to accept the offer of anonymity extended to any big-money winner. However, he is believed to have splashed out on a celebratory night on the town with colleagues, swearing them and his family to secrecy over the seven-figure windfall. To read about the pros and cons of remaining anonymous on winning a substantial lottery prize, take a look at the Publicity page.

Senior officers at the SAS’s base in Hereford are said to be aware of the situation and, according to the source, “delighted” with the soldier’s win, although the Ministry of Defence would not confirm the story when contacted.

Saturday’s Lotto draw will offer another guaranteed £1 million Lotto Millionaire Raffle prize to players, who are automatically issued with a code for the game for every Lotto line they buy. The jackpot in the main game stands at a mighty £23.4 million and you can buy Lotto tickets online or from authorised retailers up until 7:30pm on the day of the draw.

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