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Saturday UK Lotto and Irish Lottery Jackpots Won!

Last Updated: Thursday 22nd November 2018, 14:20

The rollover jackpots for the UK Lotto and the Irish Lottery were both won by single ticket holders on Saturday night. The rollover UK Lotto jackpot came out at £6.3 million, up £700,000 on earlier estimates, while the Irish Lottery topped £5.5 million, the highest in over three months.

Saturday’s winning UK Lotto numbers were 12, 16, 22, 35, 38, 48 and the Bonus Ball was 15. In total there were over 285,000 winning tickets, with prizes ranging from £25 for matching three numbers to the jackpot, which was won by matching all six numbers. One hundred Lotto Raffle prizes worth £20,000 each were also won by tickets successfully matching one of the 100 raffle codes drawn. The full prize breakdown for each of the five tiers, plus the Lotto Raffle results, can be found on the Lotto Results page.

The Irish Lottery jackpot, which was at its highest level since 17th August 2013 thanks to eight consecutive rollovers, was won by a single ticket purchased in the mid-West. Those winning numbers were 1, 3, 8, 11, 14, 34 and the Bonus Ball was 40. As well as the jackpot winner, who matched all six numbers, almost 50,000 ticket holders won also a prize by matching three or more numbers, and players can view the complete prize breakdown on the Irish Lottery Results page.

In addition to the UK Lotto and Irish Lottery, a range of other lottery games were drawn over the weekend, including EuroMillions, Thunderball and the Health Lottery. The results of these draws can be found by visiting the National Lottery Results page where you can check your tickets to see if you struck it lucky over the weekend!

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