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Shop Worker stole lottery ticket

Last Updated: Saturday 16th January 2010, 12:24

A sneaky shop worker stole a lottery ticket and cashed in the win after telling the ticket holder it wasn’t worth anything. Daniel Saunders, 25 from Plymouth worked in the Co-op store in Marlborough, Plymouth, earlier this year he told winning customer Paul Lamerton that his ticket was worthless and then cashed the win himself.

Paul Lamerton hadn’t had time to check his lottery results and so just handed the ticket over in his local Co-op to be checked. Instead of telling him the ticket was worth £450, Daniel Saunders told Mr Lamerton the ticket was a loser.

After Mr Lamerton had left the store, Daniel Saunders pocketed the ticket and cashed it for himself.

Plymouth Crown Court was told that Sanders was seen to throw the lotto ticket in the bin after confirming it was a loser. Once the victim, Mr Lamerton left the store, Saunders retrieved the ticket and cashed it in for himself.

The deception was discovered after Mr Lamerton went online that evening to see if he had won anything in a later draw, while checking his numbers he realized that the ticket he had given Saunders was actually a winner. Of course maybe Mr Lamerton should have bought lotto tickets online instead of instore and would never have happened.

Upon realizing the deception, Mr Lamerton contacted the manager of the store who reviewed CCTV footage. The footage showed Saunders putting the ticket in the big and then retrieving it later.

Mr Lamerton has now received his £450 lottery win and Saundershas been sentenced to 240 hours community service and £450 costs.

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