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Shops using out of date lotto slips

Last Updated: Monday 30th August 2010, 00:28

It’s been revealed this week that several businesses are still using the old Thunderball Lottery tickets and that winners playing using the out of date lotto slips are missing out on a huge chance to win. The Thunderball Lottery was revamped earlier this year and extra numbers were added to the draw but an investigation has shown that several shops are using the out of date lottery slips and this could breach National Lottery rules.

Politicians and campaigners are calling for the National Lottery to step in and explain what has happened about the sale of these lottery tickets and possibly even compensate players who have bought lottery tickets for the Thunderball Lottery using old payslips.

It’s a real hornet’s nest for the National Lottery who many believe should have ensured all old Thunderball playslips should have been collected in and destroyed. Yet this newspaper investigation found that many shops are still stocking the old Thunderball payslips despite the draw having changed months ago.

If you play the Thunderball Lottery at any one of the kiosks throughout the country then be careful and ensure you are using the new playslips for the Thunderball Lottery. Alternatively play the Thunderball and all of the National Lottery draws online where no such error can occur.

If you missed the changes to the Thunderball Lottery then take a look now, the jackpot is up to £500,000 and that’s more than National Lottery jackpot winners have been getting lately.

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