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Should Euromillions ceiling jackpots

Last Updated: Thursday 25th February 2010, 10:24

When the Euromillions first launched back in 2004, they would not allow jackpots of over €100 million. That meant that if jackpots got that high, the whole jackpot would be shared between lower division players but a lottery news story this week made us wonder if there is a way to ceiling jackpots on the Euromillions Lottery without spoiling the main jackpot.

The Euromillions Lottery already offers the Millionaire Raffle to UK players, included when they buy lottery tickets but we have read a story this week about a Canadian Lottery, the Lotto Max and they have a very unique way of ceiling jackpots.

Jackpots on the Lotto Max Lottery from Canada are sealed at $50 million, but rather than share the whole lot out to lower division winners, they hold separate draws, one for each whole $1 million over the $50 million jackpot. This is exactly why this Canadian Friday night lottery was in the news this week as this has just happened. A Lotto Max rollover has created a $59 million lottery jackpot and that means a $50 million jackpot and nine Maxmillions draws for each extra million.

It’s a great way to divide out a huge amount of cash, the $50 million is still there for the big lottery players, syndicates and rollover chasers, but there’s also a chance to create some smaller lottery winners too.

With two £56 million Euromillions Lottery winners just created and now another Euromillions rollover tomorrow evening, you have to wonder just how high that jackpot could potentially get in the future and do we want people winning such huge lottery jackpots?

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