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Single Euromillions Winner

Last Updated: Saturday 7th August 2010, 11:28

There was one single winner in last night’s Euromillions Lottery, walking away with £12.5 million. The jackpot was just a little higher than the midweek National Lottery double rollover but this Euromillions jackpot wasn’t won by a UK player, although UK players did still fare very well in the draw. Just in the UK alone, £5.3 million of lottery prizes were won on last night’s Euromillions Lottery draw, here’s all the news.

To check the full results, winners and Euromillions Lottery numbers check our lottery results page. You’re not likely to be the jackpot winner as this was another lucky European but there were many smaller division prizes last night and they held value very well.

Two UK ticketholders matched five main balls and one lucky star on last night’s Euromillions Lottery and they both collect £693,573 each, and another lucky Brit collected almost £100,000 for matching five main balls in last night’s draw.

With £4.3 million paid out in lottery prizes to UK players and another £1 million Millionaire Raffle prize it’s easy to see why the Euromillions Lottery is the nation’s favourite draw.

Tonight it’s the turn of the UK Lotto and while that may not have a jackpot of £12 million, there is £4.3 million up for grabs. Don’t forget to buy lottery tickets and then check back to our pages later for all the lottery results and lottery news on that draw. The next Euromillions Lottery jackpot will now be reset to £12 million for next week’s draw!

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