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Single player scoops the Euromillions

Last Updated: Saturday 17th July 2010, 11:14

It was the first double rollover for weeks on the Euromillions Lottery with an estimated £34 million estimated jackpot. It was always expected that it would get higher than usual as lottery frenzy swept Europe for the draw. In the event the jackpot hit £35.7 million and it paid off one lucky player! That’s right, one single player matched all five numbers and the lucky stars in last night’s draw, scooping the jackpot in its entirety.

The Euromillions draw went off without a hitch last night, using Machine 1 for the draw, set of balls E1 was used and this proved lucky for many winners. The Euromillions winner was not from the UK but there were plenty of big UK winners for the draw.

Thirteen lottery players matched five main balls and one lucky star, three of those were from the UK and walked away with over £177,000, just one UK player matched five main balls and that was worth over £50,000.

Let’s not forget the Millionaire Raffle either, one lucky UK player was guaranteed to win £1 million last night by matching all the raffle numbers.

The next Euromillions Lottery draw is next Friday and the estimated jackpot for that is £12 million. Of course before that, UK lottery players have tonight’s UK Lotto rollover up for grabs, buy lottery tickets for that draw now and you’ll be in with a chance at the £7 million jackpot.

Congratulations to last night’s Euromillions Lottery winner and good luck to all those playing the National Lottery draw tonight!

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