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Six-Figure Thunderball Jackpot Can Be Won Four Times A Week

Last Updated: Wednesday 23rd September 2020, 13:50

It isn’t surprising that Lotto and EuroMillions are two of the most popular lotteries across the UK, especially given the huge jackpots often available in both. Tonight’s EuroMillions jackpot worth £121 million is particularly appealing, but it’s also worth noting what Thunderball has to offer. Let’s look at what you could be missing out on four nights a week if you aren’t playing Thunderball already…

What is Thunderball?

Thunderball, similar in many ways to other lotteries like Lotto and EuroMillions, gives players a chance to win a guaranteed jackpot of £500,000 four days a week. With draws taking place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at around 8pm, there’s always a chance for ticket holders to land something in Thunderball, be it the six-figure top prize or one of the other eight incredible prize tiers.

Playing Thunderball Couldn’t Be Easier

Another bonus of Thunderball is that it’s a relatively simple game to play, making it ideal for new players, who have the choice of participating online or offline. Once the method of entry has been decided, players pick five numbers between 1 and 39 and a Thunderball between 1 and 14. Those struggling to choose their own numbers can use our Number Generator to create lines at random. At just £1 to enter, the game costs less to play than EuroMillions and Lotto.

Putting the Thunder Into Thunderball - What You Can Win

The fixed, six-figure jackpot is one of the real attractions of the Thunderball draw, as players know exactly what they’re betting on and can understand potential returns before picking their numbers. The top prize worth £500,000 can be claimed by matching all five main numbers as well as the Thunderball.

The odds of winning are also much more player-friendly in Thunderball compared to the likes of EuroMillions. The former’s jackpot odds of 1 in 8,060,598  are far more favourable than the latter’s equivalent of 1 in 139,838,160. Prizes start at £3 for matching just the Thunderball, and with twice as many draws a week compared to Lotto and EuroMillions, players have double the chances of winning prizes every month.

Claiming Thunderball prizes is the same process as Lotto, EuroMillions and Lotto HotPicks, so following the simple steps on the Claiming a Lottery Prize page will make sure you never miss out on your winnings. All Thunderball prizes are valid for 180 days from the date of the draw, so you have around six months to come forward and claim any winnings.

Ticket Sales Contribute To Good Causes

Like EuroMillions and Lotto, one of the real benefits of playing Thunderball is that 28p of every £1 ticket bought is donated to charitable projects through the National Lottery’s Good Causes Fund. The money raised is split into four main categories, with 40% going to health, education, environment and charitable causes, and 20% each put aside for sports, arts and heritage. More information can be found on the Lottery Good Causes page.

History and Background

After Thunderball launched in June 1999 as an exclusive Saturday draw, Wednesday draws were added in October 2002. The main pool of numbers then increased from 34 to 39 in May 2010, with the size of the jackpot also rising from £250,000 to £500,000. An extra prize tier for matching just the Thunderball was also introduced at this point. Friday draws began in May 2010, and then draws on a Tuesday started in January 2018, giving Thunderball players even more chances to win throughout the week.

Like What You See?

You can join a Thunderball syndicate online today - where you’ll receive an email notification if you are a winner - or play at any authorised retailer throughout the UK. The three most common numbers drawn are currently 32, 4 and 6, with 2 and 4 the most overdue Thunderball numbers, so pick your numbers carefully and let us know how you get on. Good luck!

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