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Sound Like A Winner With UK Lotto

Last Updated: Thursday 22nd November 2018, 14:24

The UK Lotto has introduced a range of security measures to assist players when they are checking their UK lottery tickets at a retailer. These measures include the introduction of a new “audio logo” which beeps when a sales assistant scans a ticket to alert players that their ticket has won a prize.

The new measures have been introduced to ensure that players understand exactly when they have won a prize and how much they have won. In addition to the audio logo, which the UK Lotto have named Sounds Like a Winner, new Player Receipts will be introduced which will provide players with a print out of how much their prize is worth.

However, lottery players are being cautioned to ensure they are diligent in checking their own numbers instead of simply relying on a retailer to confirm whether or not a ticket has won. The results for the most recent UK Lotto, Euromillions, Thunderball and Lotto Plus 5 draws can be checked by visiting the Lotto Results Page.

If players have a winning ticket, they are advised to write their name and address on the back and keep it in a safe place until they have claimed their prize.

Players are also reminded that retailers must give back any tickets which have not won a prize and are strongly advised not to let retailers dispose of tickets on their behalf.

Lottery players could avoid putting their fate in someone else’s hands by buying their ticket online instead. When you buy online, not only is your ticket secure (as there is no physical ticket to lose or misplace) but better yet, your numbers are automatically checked and you will receive an email notification if you have won a prize.

Winnings of up to £500 are then paid directly into your player account and winnings of up to £5,000 will be paid into your bank account by bank transfer. Larger winnings must be claimed by telephoning the National Lottery directly.

To learn more about buying tickets online and making your weekly lottery game easier and safer to play, visit the Lottery Tickets Page.

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