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Still searching for Euromillions winner

Last Updated: Friday 15th October 2010, 09:55 am

Lottery BallsThe organisers of the UK National Lottery are still searching for the £113 million Euromillions winner. The holder of the lottery ticket, worth more than any lottery ticket ever in the UK has still not stepped forward to claim the prize, almost a week after the draw. The money has already accrued interest of £60,000, money the winner is losing, every day they don’t identify themselves, although even £60,000 must seem like small change to a lottery winner worth £113 million.

Lottery organisers are not yet too concerned about the lack of a winner, many people go on holiday at this time of year and don’t check lottery tickets until they return, and many, according to a National Lottery spokesman, don’t check lottery tickets until buying a new one, which means the winner may be found today.

The winner has one more week to step forward before National Lottery organisers try to identify them. Next weekend, Euromillions officials will release the area in which the lottery ticket was bought (without risking anonymity) and the prize will be added to the unclaimed lottery prizes list at the National Lottery website.

Here’s hoping that the £113 million lottery winner steps forward before then, after all, the ticketholder is the biggest ever lottery winner the UK has ever seen! The next Euromillions draw takes place tonight and while it’s not worth £113 million, the £12 million jackpot is not to be sniffed at. You can buy lottery tickets online now for the draw and don’t forget to check back for the Euromillions results later!

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