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Stoke City Lotto Win

Last Updated: Thursday 22nd January 2015, 09:24

A couple of Stoke City Football Club fans have scored a lifelong goal by winning a Lotto jackpot prize worth £2,630,225. The win took place on Saturday 15 November, 2008, promoting the couple to the Premier League of financial stability and opening the doors to the kind of lifestyle usually reserved for football players rather than fans.

John and Jackie Livesley bought their Lotto tickets from a Morrisons supermarket in Leek, but only after John had resisted Jackie’s desire to postpone the shopping trip because of the cold and rain. Thanks to his persistence, the couple can now afford to escape the miserable British weather as often as they like!

The couple found out about their win on Sunday morning. “I’d been cleaning the kitchen floor and needed a break,” Jackie said. “I put the kettle on for a coffee and checked Teletext. I looked, looked and looked again before shouting out for John.

“John was having a lie-in as he was working nights,” she continued. “He ran into the living room, realising something was up, and then calmly confirmed we’d matched all six numbers.”

John and Jackie have played the lottery ever since it was first launched in 1994. They play a Lucky Dip every Wednesday and Saturday, and their recent success proves that persistence pays – in this case to the tune of £2.6 million!

The couple are now preparing for an extra special Christmas with their family. Beyond that, Jackie is looking forward to a holiday in the Maldives and John is spending some quality time with car brochures. At the time of writing, the odds are on him buying a Range Rover Sport.

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