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Super Lotto Luck

Last Updated: Wednesday 23rd June 2010, 10:56

National Lottery A shop assistant had some super Lotto luck when she matched the bonus ball as well as five main numbers to win a £120,814 second tier prize on Wednesday 25 June, 2008. The winning main numbers were 11, 12, 22, 23, 24 and 36 and the bonus ball that turned her Lotto win into a super Lotto win was 26.

Sally Hammet, who is 64, bought herself a Lucky Dip ticket from the Costcutter store where she works and where her son John is currently the manager. She watched the draw live on television and saw her numbers come up one by one.

“I realised I had matched five numbers plus the bonus ball so I went upstairs to see my son, John, but told him I had matched five numbers,” Sally said. “He was shocked and asked me if I was sure. I then told him the truth, that I had also matched the bonus ball! He couldn’t believe it and just said, ‘Well, that’s a lot of money!’”

The bonus ball makes a big difference when a UK lottery player has matched five numbers, and transforms a regular win into a super Lotto win that – in this case – was worth more than 120 times more.

“I called my other children to let them know and my grandson came over straight away. He wouldn’t go to sleep until he had been on the internet to see how much I had won!”

Sally is now planning to spend some of her super Lotto fortune on a family trip to Disneyland Paris. She will also be reducing the size of her mortgage.

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