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The Big Win - A New Name for Health Lottery’s Main Draw

Last Updated: Monday 14th August 2023, 12:18

The Health Lottery has announced that its main draw is taking on a new name - The Big Win. The game will largely remain the same, although some of the mid-level prizes are changing and there’s a bigger jackpot up for grabs in the Saturday Free Prize Draw.

Draws have taken place five times a week - every day from Tuesday to Saturday - since 2015, and the same schedule will continue as it becomes The Big Win from 15th August.

You have to match all five main balls to win the jackpot of £25,000, but you can win prizes for matching as few as two numbers. 

Whether you match one and the Bonus, or two main balls, you receive a free ticket. This can be entered into any draw of your choice (up to five weeks in advance for online players).

If you decide to use your free ticket for a Wednesday or Saturday draw, you will also be entered into the Free Prize Draw which takes place on the same night.

The Free Prize Draws have only recently been introduced, and the Saturday draw is now becoming bigger and better with a jackpot worth £475,000. The prize for the Wednesday free draw is staying at £100,000. 

The Free Prize Draw is a separate draw only held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. An extra set of five random numbers from 1 to 50 is selected in each one. To win the £100,000 or £475,000 jackpot, you need to match all the numbers. There are no other prize tiers in the free draw.

In the regular draw, you will now win £300 rather than £250 if you match four numbers. The prizes for matching three plus the Bonus, three, or two plus the Bonus have also been updated. Check out the Odds and Prizes page for all the new amounts.

Your odds of winning will not change at all, as the number matrix is staying the same and there are still just as many ways to win. 

There are still five chances a week to play, and you can find out if you have won afterwards by using the Health Lottery Checker.

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