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Two share double lottery rollover

Last Updated: Sunday 24th October 2010, 01:31

Did you remember your lottery tickets for the National Lottery double rollover draw last night? If so then it’s time to check those lottery results, they were updated straight after the draw and two share the double lotto rollover, each collecting a massive £6.7 million each. The double rollover jackpot reached £13.4 million as players across the UK bought in for their chance to become the next big millionaire and here’s what happened in the draw.

The National Lottery double rollover draw went off without event using lottery machine Lancelot for the draw, Lancelot was also used on Wednesday evening, but proved much luckier last night. Set of balls number 7 hasn’t been seen since 29th September, for the last double rollover draw, both times it’s provided a jackpot winner.

With no winners from the last two draws there was a massive £24.6 million in the National Lottery prize fund, £13.4 million of that making up the jackpot. In addition to the two jackpot winners another 12 players matched five balls and the bonus ball to scoop £131,489 and players matching five balls collected £1,575. This added to all the smaller winners made for lots of happy lottery players after last night’s draw.

The next National Lottery draw is to be held on Wednesday evening and after tonight’s jackpot winners the jackpot for that draw is an estimated £2.4 million. You can buy lottery tickets online for that draw now for your chance to become the next lottery millionaire. Don’t forget to check back for all the lottery news and results!

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