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Two Share the Lotto rollover

Last Updated: Thursday 10th June 2010, 00:10

What a lot of excitement there was this week over the UK Lotto rollover! It’s little surprise when you consider it’s been almost a month since the last National Lottery rollover and lottery players in the UK have not exactly had rich pickings from either this or the Euromillions Lottery. The jackpot was an estimated £6.5 million but lottery fever swept the UK yesterday and that jackpot hit £7.3 million, shared by two lucky lottery players who matched all six winning numbers.

Thankfully there was no curse of the consecutive numbers in last night’s UK Lotto draw and with a great selection drawn, two players got lucky. You can check the full winners list and numbers on our lottery results page now and see if you were one of the lucky lottery winners!

The two lucky lottery players who shared the jackpot will each receive £3,687,356 after sharing the £7.3 million jackpot but they weren’t the only lucky winners in last night’s rollover lottery draw. Another thirteen players matched five main balls and the bonus ball and each of those players scoop £76,794 and there were plenty of smaller prizes too. In fact the prize fund for last night’s UK Lotto draw was over £13 million and that means plenty of lottery winners around the UK.

Next up is Friday night’s Euromillions Lottery draw, that’s worth an estimated £12 million and after producing a winner for the last three weeks, we’re wondering whether we’ll see a UK winner this weekend! Buy your lottery tickets now for the draw or you could miss out.

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