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Two share the double rollover

Last Updated: Thursday 7th July 2011, 16:00

Lottery Split The last couple of weeks it’s been nothing but bumper jackpots and excitement in both the Euromillions and the UK Lotto. With a £91 million jackpot on the Euromillions and two double lotto rollovers in as many weeks it’s no wonder the whole nation is going lotto mad. A triple rollover for the National Lottery is not to be however as two lucky winners shared the double rollover on Wednesday, netting them over £5 million each!

Ok so it’s not quite the £91 million grabbed on the Euromillions Lottery but then just how many millions can you spend in a lifetime. Not many we are guessing, £5 million would certainly keep the team at National Lottery very happy, even shared between us all.

You can check the lottery numbers for the draw on our lottery results page, and if you weren’t the lucky jackpot winner don’t worry too much as tonight’s Euromillions Lottery is an estimated £13 million, more than the double lotto rollover was to begin with.

Plus by playing tonight’s Euromillions draw it’s not just £13 million you are playing for. That’s because this week is the start of the brand new Millionaire Raffle. Lottery tickets for the Euromillions Lottery are rising to £2 from this week but that extra 50p buys you a ticket into the brand new Millionaire Raffle, a special draw guaranteed to create a UK millionaire every single week.

We said it had been an exciting time for the lotto and we weren’t joking!

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