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UK Lotto Changes on Saturday 5th October 2013

Last Updated: Tuesday 2nd July 2019, 10:35

At the start of the year, UK Lotto announced that they would be making some changes to the national game which would include increasing the jackpots and introducing a brand new raffle game. It has just been announced that these changes will take place on Saturday 5th October 2013 with a celebratory launch jackpot worth an amazing £10 million!

The lotto changes are being made following feedback from players requesting bigger jackpots and increased chances of winning. The Saturday jackpot is expected to rise from the current estimated £3.9 million to an estimated £5 million and the midweek draw will rise from an estimated £2.1 million to an estimated £2.5 million. The Match Three consolation prize will also be increased, from the set prize of £10 to a guaranteed £25 and the Match Four prize will also see an increase to an estimated figure of £100.

October will also see the start of a brand new game named Lotto Raffle. It will work in a similar way to the UK Millionaire Raffle on Euromillions except each draw will see an astonishing 50 winners of £20,000. Better yet, if the UK Lotto jackpot rolls over, the number of winners in the Lotto Raffle will increase too!

Entry to the Lotto Raffle is free with your UK Lotto ticket and you will get one entry for each line of numbers you purchase. Your raffle numbers will be automatically generated for you upon purchase of your lotto numbers, so you don’t need to worry about choosing any more numbers. This extra game means you have two chances to win on the same ticket as it is possible to win a lotto prize plus the Raffle prize.

These changes do mean that the UK Lotto will see its first prize increase since it began in 1994, but with increased jackpots, two possible chances of winning and bigger consolation prizes, it’s clear the game still provides excellent value for money! So put Saturday 5th October 2013 in your diary and make sure you have your lottery ticket to play for that special one off jackpot of £10 million!

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