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UK Lotto Quadruple Rollover Draw Estimated at £19.6 Million

Last Updated: Monday 3rd December 2012, 10:33

Lottery RolloverExcitement amongst UK Lotto players is due to peak this weekend with a quadruple rollover jackpot of an estimated £19.6 million, which is the highest jackpot seen on the UK Lotto this year. This impressive jackpot has occurred by the UK Lotto rolling over for the previous four draws. According to UK Lotto rules, this means the jackpot MUST be won on Saturday nights draw. But what happens if there is no player to match all six numbers?

If no player succeeds in matching all six numbers, the jackpot will roll down to the next prize tier (i.e. Match five and the bonus) which means this draw could potentially see players in with a better chance than usual of winning that amazing jackpot! UK Lotto rules state that the jackpot can only roll over for a maximum of four draws, which means it must be won on the fifth draw – which just happens to be this Saturday’s draw.

But how does this jackpot place overall in terms of size? The biggest UK Lotto jackpot ever was £42 million, which was shared between three winning ticket holders in January 1996, but this was before the rules limiting the lotto to four rollovers. The biggest jackpot won by a single ticket holder was £22.5 million, which was won in June 1995, so we are seeing one of the biggest UK Lotto draws of all time.

Of course, the current estimated jackpot of £19.6 million is just that – an estimate. Should ticket sales be higher than anticipated, the jackpot will go up accordingly. So, it is in every player’s interest to buy their tickets in plenty of time for the draw on Saturday, and cross those fingers that the jackpot breaks though that £20 million barrier!

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