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UK Lotto shared by two

Last Updated: Sunday 12th September 2010, 10:59 am

Last night’s National Lottery jackpot almost reached £5 million, the highest it’s been for a while but in the event, no one won the jackpot in it’s entirety. Two players both matched all six winning numbers shown on our lottery results page, each collecting £2,497,823, a tidy sum! It certainly made up for our bad luck on the Euromillions Lottery, that jackpot went to Switzerland but hopefully the £13.7 million given out in prizes in last night’s National Lottery will make up for that.

Set of balls number 3 was chosen to be used in last night’s draw, the first time since the end of August these have made an appearance, and it was Lancelot the machine used to draw the lottery results. The combination proved very lucky for two lucky players and many more who won lower division lottery prizes.

In addition to the two very lucky players who matched all six winning balls and scooped the jackpot, another fourteen lottery players scooped over £100,000 by matching five main balls and the bonus while match five paid almost £3,000.

If last night’s National Lottery draw didn’t prove lucky for you, then don’t worry as usual there’s more to come. The next National Lottery draw will be held on Wednesday evening and the jackpot for that draw is an estimated £2.4 million. Buy lottery tickets now and you’ll be in with a chance at winning a life-changing lottery jackpot. Don’t forget to check back for all the results and lottery news!

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