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UK Lotto shares once again

Last Updated: Sunday 27th June 2010, 11:14

It seems to be becoming a habit for the National Lottery, each week, many winners sharing the jackpot, making much smaller payouts that expected. Even last weekend’s Lottery rollover had four winners for the £8 million jackpot and the midweek rollover only paid jackpot winners £224,000 each. Last night’s lottery draw boasted a jackpot of over £4 million but five winners meant that the jackpot winners will collect less than a million each.

It’s almost to be expected now on the National Lottery, as it happens so often. Whether it’s too often, I’m sure opinion will vary there are advantages and disadvantages of many lottery winners.

It’s always nice for the cash to be shared, a point proved by the many people around the world constantly campaigning for smaller lottery prizes to more winners and if many lotto players match the same numbers every week then it’s filling exactly that need.

However other players like big lottery jackpots and one can only imagine how it feels to think you are a £2.4 million winner and then find you will be collecting just £224,000.

Thankfully in the UK we do have a choice, if we don’t mind sharing the wealth and accepting smaller lottery jackpots then surely the UK Lotto is the way to go. On the other hand if you want to be a big jackpot winner, instantly projected to the Times Rich List and have more money than you could ever imagine, maybe the Euromillions Lottery is the one you should be buying lottery tickets for.

Check the full UK Lotto results on our lottery results page and see if you were one of the lucky lottery winners from last night’s draw.

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