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UK Lotto single winner

Last Updated: Sunday 2nd May 2010, 11:07

After a recent run of shared lottery jackpots created by several jackpots winners, the UK Lotto has seen a single winner for last night’s draw who will walk away with the entire £4.5 million jackpot. Neither Wednesday’s or last Saturday’s draw created a single millionaire, with prize money being split several ways but the Lotto is back to form as this £4.5 million winner will testify.

The draw went off without a hitch last night with set of balls number three being spun around the machine Guinevere but unlike the last time this machine was out, this lotto jackpot goes to one single ticketholder.

The jackpot reached estimate too, this doesn’t always happen when the Euromillions is as high as last night’s jackpot. It reached and surpassed the £4.5 million estimate and the single winning ticketholder will be walking away with a cool £4,599,128.

No details about the winner have been released yet and it’s quite possible that should they choose anonymity then we are unlikely to hear any more. If the winners do come forward then you can be sure to read about them here in our lottery news pages.

The next UK Lotto draw is on Wednesday evening and the estimated jackpot for the draw is £2.5 million. You can buy lottery tickets online for the draw now, while you’re there don’t forget next Friday’s Euromillions Lottery, there’s a £67 million jackpot up for grabs, making it one of the world’s biggest lottery jackpots right now.

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