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UK Player Scoops Euromillions Jackpot of £148 / €190 million

Last Updated: Tuesday 11th June 2013, 12:40

EuromillionsAfter the Euromillions jackpot reached its cap on Tuesday 7th August 2012, players were holding their breaths that the mega jackpot of £148 / €190 million would be won by a winning ticket able to match all five numbers and two Lucky Stars on Friday’s draw. As the jackpot had already rolled over once, if it was not won on Friday’s draw, the jackpot would roll down and be distributed amongst the secondary winning tier. However, they need not have worried, as the jackpot was indeed won – and by one single UK ticket holder!

What we do not yet know is who this mystery winner is. All that is currently known is that the player has come forward to claim their prize, and that the ticket was purchased in the UK. No information has been released yet about whether they intend to go public with their win, whether the ticket was won by a syndicate or individual, nor whether they ticket was bought online or in a store. What we do know however, is that they are the seventh UK jackpot winner of the Euromillions this year, so one thing is for sure – the Brits are striking it lucky this year!

As well as this one lucky winning ticket holder, there were a further 14 millionaire made on Friday 10th August 2012, by ticket holders who matched five numbers and one Lucky Star to net a whopping secondary tier prize of £1,994,322.90 / €2,640,734.20. Added to this the one UK Millionaire Raffle prize too, and one thing is for sure – this was a truly thrilling draw in the history of the Euromillions.

For a full breakdown of the winning numbers and the prize categories, head over to our Results page to see if you are one of the 7,746,365 ticket holders to scoop a win on this historic Euromillions draw. And don’t forget, the Euromillions jackpot rolls back to the start in time for the draw on Tuesday 14th August 2012, with a minimum jackpot of £11 / €15 million, so players, get your tickets ready for this draw to be in with a chance of joining the Euromillions Millionaire club!

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